Introducing Subtitled Pro

Subtitled Pro is a mobile-first, intuitive subtitle editor. We designed the app specifically for transcribing videos quickly and painlessly.

Other subtitle editors force you to work against a spreadsheet view of the data. That makes life hard.

Subtitled Pro makes it easy to match subtitles to the video visually. It gives you an editable timeline of the subtitles. No more guess work.

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Transcribe your YouTube videos faster, from your mobile phone

It’s time the world had a decent subtitle editor that works well on mobile phones. Don’t settle for Windows-only software written a decade ago. You deserve better tools than this.

Automatic video transcription too often fails on the most important details in a video — names, technical terminology, many other uncommon words. Not to mention the lack of punctuation and awkward sentence breaks. Professional video transcribers know your only option is to manually edit your subtitles. Until now, that meant a painful, slow process. Subtitled Pro makes this better.

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Don’t waste your best years fiddling with start and stop times. Just use your finger and your eyes to resize subtitles until they match the video. Simple!

Made by content creators for content creators

Subtitled Pro was made by content creators for content creators. Don’t miss out on viewers who need subtitles to enjoy your content. 80% of the world’s population are non-native English speakers, yet the vast majority of videos in English are made without quality subtitles.

Professional translation services are great, but if they don’t have an accurate transcription to start from, they’re less likely to produce good translations. Subtitled Pro makes transcribing unscripted content easy and intuitive.

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Use Subtitled Pro’s advanced edit controls to save heaps of time when editing. Other editors leave you to manually copy and paste text and timestamps. Our app focuses on transcribing efficiency. As a result, cleaning up auto-generated subtitles is really easy.

Save time when cleaning up auto-generated transcriptions. Subtitled Pro’s has advanced editor features. With them, you can easily merge awkward sentence breaks into a single subtitle and then re-split them where it makes sense. Fast and easy.

Work in SRT or SBV formats

Whether you need SRT files or SBV files, Subtitled Pro has your back. We’re actively working to support VTT format and any more. Our developers want to make it possible to import and edit any subtitle format you can throw at us.

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When you’ve finished your work, Share the file so that you can upload it to your preferred video site or import it into your video project. This makes it a great YouTube subtitle editor for Android.

Import and export from other apps or websites

Subtitled Pro already supports both SRT and SBV file types. Meanwhile, we’re working to expand the set of supported file formats, as well. Use our automatic transformation features to ensure your exported subtitles are compact and display with maximum readability.

When you’ve finished your work, Share the file so that you can upload it to your preferred video site or import it into your video project. So, this app works great with YouTube Studio.

Manage multiple videos and multiple transcriptions

If your video needs multi-language subtitles, then subtitled pro is up to the task. Working from YouTube videos or from videos files on your phone, you can manage multiple transcriptions easily. Need to transcribe videos already uploaded to YouTube? That’s no problem because Subtitle Pro enables you to embed the YouTube player directly in the editor. That way, you can work from existing videos quickly and easily.

Juggling multiple videos and/or multiple languages? No problem. Subtitled Pro works this way, too.

Next steps: Learn how to download your YouTube video transcriptions and update them using Subtitled Pro.

Learn more about using Subtitled Pro to edit SRT and SBV files
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