Privacy Policy


Namo Software will never collect your data for any marketing purposes. We don’t collect any personally identifying information. We do collect anonymous usage statistics to help improve the app. If you have concerns, please reach out at

What information do you collect?

Subtitled Pro uses the Google Analytics framework to log anonymous interaction data. We use this data understand how users are using the app. We log things like button clicks, errors our user’s encounter, and other forms of basic user interface events. We do not log any information about the content our users work with. Your data stays entirely on your device. We do not and will not collect any information about your subtitles.

How do you use the information?

We use the analytics data we collect to make sure the app is working well. We log button clicks, navigation events like changing screens, and other forms of basic interaction so that we can understand what features matter to our users and how they use them. We use the data solely for this purpose and for nothing else. We don’t do marketing stuff. We don’t do partners or affiliates or any of that awful stuff. We just use the anonymous analytics data to make sure the app is good and to help guide what features we need to build next. That’s all.

What information do you share?

Namo Software will never share our analytics data. Period. Our business is building high quality apps for paying users. We don’t get money from any other sources.

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