SRT Subtitle Editor for Android

Subtitled Pro is a fast, powerful, and — most importantly — simple app for editing video subtitles on Android. It was built by content creators for content creators with the goal is making your Android phone an efficient subtitle editing tool. If you need an SRT subtitle editor for Android, this is the app for you.

You can import your SRT and SBV files into our feature-rich editor. You can build up new transcriptions from scratch and export them as SRT and SBV files. Use the app with YouTube videos and on-device video files.

Made for mobile phones

SRT subtitle editor for Android

Mobile phones are a great platform for editing subtitles. The problem has been that no editors existed which take advantage of the touch screen. There are lots of apps for editing subtitles. Some mobile. Some desktop. Some web-based. Yet until Subtitled Pro, none of them have made editing easy and intuitive.

Our app lets you move through the timeline of the video with a touch of the finger. You can edit the timing of a subtitle by dragging it or resizing. This means no more fiddling with timestamps. No more copying and pasting text. In sum, Subtitled Pro makes it absurdly easy to make sure your subtitles match the video perfectly without forcing the user to do tedious, laborious tasks like copying and pasting timing information.

Edit SRT files on Android

Editing SRT files is easy. Use your Android phone to import, edit, and export SRT files. Use the app to transcribe videos. If you’re unsure how to get started, checkout our step-by-step instructions for how to load subtitle files from YouTube videos.

SRT files are used by many video players, including YouTube. It was created for the SubRip program for Windows. SRTs are simple, containing only text and timing information for subtitles. Due to their simplicity, SRT files are popular and well supported. You can upload SRT files to YouTube, for instance.

The way SRT files are structured makes them very easy to build spreadsheet-like views of the subtitles. This is easy, but its also makes editing the files really annoying. Does your transcription stop at 11:30.512 or 11:30.768? Most editors force you to decide this, because they don’t offer you a timeline based editing environment.

Instead, most editors give you a spreadsheet view (like Excel) of the subtitles, which is useful for some tasks, but a very poor UI for transcribing unscripted videos. The popular spreadsheet-like view also makes small adjustments to timing extremely tedious work. Subtitled Pro – Android Subtitle Editor makes these tasks super easy. It is an SRT subtitle editor for Android. The app was written specifically to allow you to import auto-generated YouTube transcriptions, tweak them, and upload them back to YouTube.

YouTube’s auto-transcription functionality is fantastic and a huge time saver. However, the automatic transcriptions don’t include any grammar or punctuation awareness. It also tends to incorrectly transcribe uncommon words — often the most important words in the video.

You can easily cleanup incorrect text or incorrect timing information in SRT files using Subtitled Pro.

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