YouTube Video Subtitle Editor

Subtitled Pro was created specifically to help content creators transcribe YouTube videos. While it also works with on-device video files, it offers excellent support for transcribing existing YouTube content and for exporting those subtitles back to YouTube.

Subtitled Pro makes editing YouTube video subtitles easier than it has ever been. The all supports both SRT and SBV files. It also features and advanced timeline-based editor which makes positioning and sizing of subtitles super easy. No more copying and pasting milliseconds. You can quickly and easily edit subtitles while playing through a video without all the guess work of finding exactly the right start and stop time for each transcription.

Subtitled Pro supports importing existing SRT and SBV subtitle files. If you’ve got an existing video that has been automatically transcribed by YouTube, you can easily download that transcription, import the file into Subtitled Pro, and edit the generated transcriptions. When you’re done, you can share the file back to your desktop computer to re-upload to YouTube Studio.

The app has advanced editor feature that make cleaning up automatically generated subtitles a breeze. Subtitled Pro makes it easy and fast to split or merge subtitles that have incorrect or awkward text breaks in them. We wrote Subtitled Pro because it was just too hard to edit long videos’ subtitles. Subtitled Pro is specifically designed to speed up the process of cleaning up automatic speech-to-text subtitles.

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